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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


After loving the Exuviance anti-aging skin care line, I had to demo and blog about their new product 
the Exuviance Oxygen Bionic Facial, to be release this Summer. I've used the Exuviance skincare line for years, it has helped keep my skin to remain soft, smooth, supple, and clear of acne.  

Their new product is the Exuviance Oxygen Bionic Facial. It's a gel to foam product that re-energizes your skin when it needs a boost or a pick-me-up.

The product says: It breathes new life into your skin with energizing and revitalizing pure oxygen a in bionic blend for a more youthful radiant looking skin.

Molecular Oxygen, supports natural production of cellular energy and optimal collagen levels and helps detoxify, revitalize and re-energize skin.

PHA/Bionic Blend, restores youthful o'clock news, suppleness and radiance.

In addition to revitalizing with essential oxygen to help boost cellular energy and optimize collagen, this formulation provide an anti-aging and skin conditioning boost with 6% PHA/Bionics.

Ideal for post peels or post polishes, it helps the skin bounce back after chemical peels or after using exfoliating products. It's also good whenever skin needs a radiance boost.

its featured ingredient is oxygen, molecular oxygen is required in the production of cellular energy and is essential in the production and disposition of collagen.

It's easy to use, just smooth it on your face, neck and decollete, wait until it becomes a White foam,   
leave it on for 5 or more minutes, then rinse. Then moisture as usual.

It leaves my skin smooth, supple  and soft. I personally feel it makes my skin glow.  The Exuviance Oxygen Bionic Facial is expected to launch this Summer 2015.