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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Natural Hair, A Six Year Journey And Counting

My Natural Hair, A Six Year Journey 
And Counting

This video is 2 years old, However I still use these 2 products.  Two Products I Love And One That I Don't On My Long Healthy Natural Hair  VIDEO LINK

Hey my Natural Hair Beauties, November 2014 will make my 6th year as a natural hair beauty.  One of my viewers at Youtube asked "how does your husband feel about you being natural?" I have to say my husband absolutely loves my natural hair. In fact he has never seen my natural hair until 6 years ago....yes, that's true. I had relaxed hair when we met.

As a mater of fact I had been relaxed for more than 22 years. Then came the day, it was mid November 2008, frustrated with my thinning hair, due to over relaxing and coloring, I decided to "chopped" off all my relaxed hair. Being left with 2 inches of hair, and after my first co-wash (washing my hair with conditioner) I noticed for the first time that my hair appeared to be curly??... Co-washing makes my hair very soft and it leaves it with a slight wave/curl pattern. 

6 years later I must say that it was not easy being natural. As my natural hair got longer and stronger, came the challenge of finding products that would nourish it and help prevent breakage. The videos in this post, are some of the products I love to use on my natural hair. My hair responds very well to these products. There's less dryness, less tangling, less breakage, and reduced split ends. This equals longerstronger natural hair!

As I move forward on my natural hair journey, I am committed to continue to find and sample new products that will promote healthy, longer, stronger hair. Thanks so much for following along this journey with me. Thank you for all your continued support...It takes a village... know the rest.

Your Friend,