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Sunday, September 22, 2013

MD-Personal Microdermabrasion Skincare System

The PMD device was sent to me so I had the opportunity to test it.  After reading all the information...twice. I then began my treatment with the PMD. What is microdermabrasion?  

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical way to help minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, reduce the size and appearance of pores, and improve skin tone and texture by exfoliating the top layer of the skin. After you're done with your treatment, you can then followup with your regular skincare products.
 Honestly I was a little concerned about the roughness of the disks.. 
                     [see video inserted below]  

I expected it to scratch my skin a bit.  But to my surprise, it left my skin very smooth and soft. The powerful vacuum suction removes dead skin and encourages cell renewal—including collagen and elastin production—to uncover younger, more vibrant skin.

After using PMD, anti-aging topicals, including the system’s nutrient-rich Daily Cell Regeneration formulas, more easily absorb deep into the skin so they can effectively work. Best of all it takes just minutes a week!

Reduces visual signs of aging including wrinkles, age spots and pore size.

As seen on: extra, The View, The Dr. Oz Show and Good Morning America.

  Featured in: InStyle, Life&Style, InWithSkin

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[in this video see me using the PMD Personal MicroDerm]